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Communicate through the filters

Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

How many times have you looked back on a conversation only to say to yourself in exasperation “they didn’t hear a word that I said.” Fact is they likely heard every word that you said. The problem is they listened through their filters. (more…)

Job loss- possibilities, not panic

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

When my oldest son was a small child he had the uncanny ability to see some opportunity, however small, in the negative events that came his way. He would describe the bad thing, then, like clockwork he would suffix his statement with “…but the good thing is…” It would go something like, “Dad, the arm broke off my Spider-Man today, but the good thing is that he can still fight with one arm!” These statements were always a source of amusement to me. Now I see them as something more. Something we can all learn from. (more…)

Leaders must know themselves

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009

So many books, articles, blog entries and even “tweets” have been written about leadership, that this one runs the risk of falling on deaf (or at least severely fatigued) ears. But the concept that I want to share is so basic and easily implemented that it is worth the next five minutes of your life to read about it. (more…)

When organization A.D.D. hits home

Friday, April 17th, 2009

I have written fairly extensively about the phenomenon that I call organizational attention deficit disorder,  or “Org-ADD” for short. It is prevalent in way too many of our working lives, without regard to industry, function or position. We busy ourselves (or others make us busy) with the myriad of activities that come our way through a variety of inputs. We have become so busy, buzzing around like bees, that our electronic devices have come to communicate to us in “bee language,” replacing the traditional ring of the telephone with the ubiquitous “bee buzz” that is the vibrate mode for our “can’t do without” hand-held-all-everything communication device. (more…)

Our inner dialogue

Wednesday, April 15th, 2009

I have worked with numerous individuals as part of my executive coaching practice throughout the years. They come from different walks of life, enjoy varying levels of success, are young and old, men and women, from austere and opulent roots, and from countries around the world. They could not be more different from one-another in most ways. However, there is one aspect in which they are eerily similar,  and not just to each another, but to you and me as well. It is in the controlling power of their inner dialogue. (more…)