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The New Era Begins

Saturday, November 12th, 2016

Color me as surprised as anyone by Donald Trump’s convincing electoral victory over Hillary Clinton. In the closest thing to a “Dewey defeats Truman” moment, the analytics people got the election fantastically wrong. Score one for the anti-geeks.

I am perhaps even more surprised by the fact that I am pleasantly surprised thus far with President-elect Trump. Moving Chris Christie out in favor of Mike Pence was the kind of move that someone who is beholding to no one would make. Preserving the key elements of Obamacare- no denial for pre-exisiting conditions and children on until 26, are the only parts of Obamacare worth saving. The funding mechanism needs dramatically re-thought. And Dodd-Frank protections around rating agency transparency and prohibition of complex derivatives are rumored to stay as well.

This type of flexibility is cause for great optimism about who President Trump will choose to be. But it does bring us back to one of the earliest questions about Donald trump- who is he really? Of course, only time will tell, but the early indicators look positive.

The chasm between campaigning and governing could feel overwhelming to a novice executive branch with a fully loaded Republican Congress ready to do its bidding. So many promises in the face of budget deficit realities. But this is a moment for an expert business leader to be at his best. Or more to say, not the same person we saw all too painfully up close on the campaign trail.

It feels like the country can finally be unified by a competent President-elect partnering with a willing congress. People seem willing, if not hopeful to embrace change that the country desires. Let’s hope that Donald J. Trump is up to this task.

It’s The Crazy Time Again

Wednesday, July 20th, 2016

Well I wish I could say that it snuck up on me, but unfortunately its been going on for two years already. The Presidential Campaign. With the conventions underway (or soon to be), crazy time is squarely upon us. It makes me envious of the British Parliamentary approach, one whereby they can replace the prime minister in the time it takes to vote on a referendum, Brexit stage right.

I remember writing in this blog in 2008 with great anticipation on the election of Barack Obama. Our country had just elected a black man with a Muslim name who spoke forcefully and inspirationally about change. Because he looked and sounded so different than all who came before him, it was not naivete that led so many of us to believe that the change was just around the corner.

I, like so many others am still waiting.

It is not completely Obama’s fault that so little of the change he promised actually arrived in the way he promised it. We have a ridiculously broken and partisan political system, with our elected officials more concerned about re-election, and thus endless fund-raising, than governing. Much of the civility is gone, and it seemed to get worse with Obama as President, which I can’t help but think comes back to that being different thing I mentioned. Still, he was either unwilling or unable to do anything to make it better.

Adding to this gridlock is our two party system and the primary processes where the hard core of the respective parties carry disproportionate influence, resulting in the choice of candidates like we have in this go-around. Donald and Hillary. Really?

I can’t think of a single parent that I know, present or past, that would allow their children to speak to others the way that Trump has over the last two years. Yet each time he did so, seemingly sinking to new depths, he won another primary contest. He served up the red meat in big chunks and the dogs ate it up.

Contrasted with Hillary. So measured. So calculating. So political. So hated on the right. So why does it feel like nothing is going to change. Again.

So it’s six months and counting. Another opportunity for the people to speak…through the Electoral College. Another opportunity for our country to come closer to living into the ideals it promises. Another opportunity for change. You holding your breath?

No Go On Status Quo

Wednesday, November 7th, 2012

I am pleased to say that I survived the silly and mean season of politics, as did all of you. Bon voyage, seemingly never-ending season of politics. You will not be missed, at least not by me. (more…)

The Presidential Debate

Tuesday, October 9th, 2012

I have been silent for some time during this political season. It seems that this is the time that we should be listening very carefully to what our elected (or hope to be elected) leaders are telling us. And so I have.

What a mistake. The more I hear, the more I fear. (more…)

Sixty-Nine Not So Fine

Friday, June 1st, 2012

Today’s disappointing news that the economy added only 69,000 jobs in May, does not bode well for President Obama. I have felt for some months now that the election will hinge on a specific issue, jobs, and that the President’s re-election will depend on October’s jobs data which will be released the day before the election. My conviction is stronger than ever that this will be the case.

Unless it is decided sooner. (more…)