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  • Drive execution
  • Improve organization performance
  • Increase alignment to operating plans


A sound Performance Management Process includes the following elements:

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Performance Management Process


I have worked with Matt Angello on several occasions while running global businesses, and I have found his insights very useful in helping to create a high performance organization. His plain-spoken and pragmatic approach lends itself to effective implementation and measurable results. I have also found his very clear people assessments invaluable.
Marc Oliviť, CEO and President - W.C. Bradley

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Performance Management


  • Does your company reliably achieve it's operating objectives?
  • Are your strategic and operating plans communicated and understood throughout your organization?
  • Is there a linkage between the operating plan and department and employee objectives?
  • Are your managers actively engaged to ensure results are achieved?

Performance management is the overarching process through which an organization's strategic and operating plans are translated into the sub-processes and actions that ensure execution. Performance management
is widely discussed and equally widely misunderstood.

What it is:

The process that drives execution

The process that links the organization to operating plans

The responsibility of executive management

A company's most powerful alignment tool

The difference between an operating plan and hope


What it isn't:

Another name for performance appraisal

Extra-curricular administrative process

The sole responsibility of HR

We work with you to establish an integrated approach to link objectives to group, department and individual goals. We guide you in developing the sub-processes to ensure execution of your operating plans.

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