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Core beliefs governing coaching, assessment and consulting services at Bright Tree Consulting Group, LLC
Core Beliefs:
Our actions are deeply rooted
in our governing values of:
We are plainspoken,
We deliver on
our commitments.
We focus on
actionable solutions.
We build
sustainable results



Matt Angello of Bright Tree Consulting Group has played an integral role in developing our company's human capital as we implemented a series of structural changes within the organization over the past year to better meet the needs of our customers. Matt's brings a highly professional yet completely approachable style to the executive coaching relationship. His insights into individual and team dynamics has helped bring the organization to the next level of performance. I have enjoyed working with Matt on my own personnel development and would enthusiastically recommend him to anyone looking for professional coaching.
Mark C. Fitzgerald, President & Chief Operating Officer - High Associates Ltd.

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What makes us different

Our effectiveness is the result of our broad and deep business experience, from launching start-ups to the Fortune 500. We know how to get results because we built careers on doing so. While we are seasoned executives with boardroom experience, our greatest advantage is our ability to carefully listen to our clients so that we can deliver on their needs in effective and straight-forward ways.

We utilize a highly effective proprietary coaching model that was developed based on our extensive c-suite, board level experience. It combines feedback and assessment to create focused plans that enable executives to achieve important business outcomes. We do not view development as a "nice to do," but as a means to increase an executive's ability to get the right things done. We enjoy a 95% re-engagement rate with our client companies.

We work with executive teams to increase their ability to achieve important business outcomes. We help them to identify strategic priorities to move the business forward and ensure alignment throughout the organization. We identify barriers to effective teamwork and recommend individual and group development plans to improve it. We provide assessment support for acquisitions.

We utilize an integrated approach to drive alignment throughout your organization to important business outcomes. We create a linkage between your strategic and operating plans and employee objectives to ensure that the organization is focused on mission critical outcomes. Our approach provides the foundation for a high performance workforce.

We offer a wide array of organization strategies designed to accelerate the achievement of results in a highly competitive marketplace. We have deep experience in organization assessment, change management, leader development and succession planning. We utilize and leverage a well-developed process improvement toolkit to drive results.

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