"Matt did an outstanding job of helping me overcome my initial skepticism to understand the potential benefits of the executive coaching process to enhance my professional growth and development. Good chemistry and a high level of trust and confidence between the teacher and student are critical to the success of the process. Matt combines the results of both initial and follow-up 360 degree interviews and several assessments to focus on capitalizing on your strengths and opportunities for improvement to achieve specific development goals that apply to you and your situation. It can be relevant to your current position and future opportunities with higher levels of responsibility and accountability.
The guidance and direction Matt provided helped strengthen my strategic orientation and general management perspective on our business. Matt highlighted the need to balance the go-to-market, operational, financial and human capital strategies and tactics in response to changing market conditions. Matt emphasized the importance of having a clearly defined vision for our business and the ability to energize people to support and achieve that vision.
Matt's approach and techniques helped me grow as a leader and manager of people. This includes putting talented people in position and holding them accountable to deliver pre-determined and agreed upon results utilizing disciplined performance management. This will ensure my co-workers are able to deliver on my expectations to fulfill our vision.
The strongest vote of confidence I can give Matt and the executive coaching process is that I have recommended him to our senior level management team as someone who can help facilitate the effective development of future leaders of our company. This is the most take away value I have ever received from a professional development program." -- Rick Bennett, Vice President Sales & Marketing - High Steel Service Center LLC

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