"I interviewed several executive coaches before I decided to work with Matt Angello of Bright Tree Consulting Group. I selected him because of his highly personalized, hands-on approach, applicable, real-world experience, and candid personality. Before he made any recommendations to me, he (1) identified my "hard-wiring" through personality and motivational assessments, (2) conducted in-depth, 360-degree performance interviews with executive leadership, peers and subordinates, and (3) documented recurring themes raised by contributors. He took the time to listen and to understand my professional AND personal motivations before offering advice or tools for improvement. Together we identified a plan to develop in areas that were limiting my professional growth. He did not attempt to apply cookie-cutter solutions; rather, he created a relevant and customized plan with achievable and measurable goals. During the process, he provided insightful adjustments to my development plan, acted as a sounding board for new ideas and approaches, and conducted ongoing interviews to assess my progress. He was candid in his feedback and honest in his evaluation. I would recommend Matt, without reservation, to any executive looking to overcome professional challenges, improve existing skills or develop in new areas." -- Kevin Hadlock, Vice President, Investor Relations and FP&A - Constellation Energy

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