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Marc Oliviť, CEO and President - W.C. Bradley

"I have worked with Matt Angello on several occasions while running global businesses, and I have found his insights very useful in helping to create a high performance organization. His plain-spoken and pragmatic approach lends itself to effective implementation and measurable results. I have also found his very clear people assessments invaluable."

Don Sites, Vice President of Finance - Tyco Electronics

"Bridging strategic thinking with tactical execution, augmenting teaching with personnel development practices, and being cognizant of how people 'listen you' have been invaluable outputs realized through executive coaching with Matt. His real world experience, keen observation skills, and hands on approach fostered subtle changes in my approach to strategic thinking, team interaction, and presentation styles. Involving Matt's organization in a group project aimed at eliminating non-value added process through a transaction reduction kaizen or 'mini-work-out,' presented improvement opportunities while fostering increased camaraderie within the team."

Gregory Christian, (former) President - Foamex International

"I have worked with Matt Angello of Bright Tree Consulting Group since 2005 and greatly value his insights and contributions to our company. He has been a valuable business partner and coach, and has assisted us with aligning and focusing our human capital for success."

Jack P. Witwer, President and Chief Operating Officer - Kalas Mfg. Inc.

"Matt Angello has proven to be an invaluable coach and mentor in key areas of management systems and tools, succession planning, and organizational dynamics. Matt can deliver results with a high level of energy and enthusiasm that makes each interaction both enjoyable and educational. His knowledge and background provides the necessary mature and proven tools and tactics that our organization requires. Bright Tree Consulting has demonstrated the ability to provide refreshing solutions and insight in developing high level leaders. I look forward to similar success and progress in the future as Matt and I work closely together on new opportunities and challenges."

Adam Newman, President - Steelscape (promoted after coaching)

"I have used Matt Angello for Executive Coaching for myself and others moving into new roles across our North America operations. He has a great ability to cut to the chase by blocking out the noise and focusing on what matters most. He provides relevant and honest feedback in a succinct and easy to understand format, has the ability to view the situation from different perspectives and has an international outlook on life. I would use Matt again in the future and highly recommend his services to anyone looking to move to the next level in their and others careers whilst minimizing the 'growing pains'."


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