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Adam Newman, President - Steelscape (promoted after coaching)

"I have used Matt Angello for Executive Coaching for myself and others moving into new roles across our North America operations. He has a great ability to cut to the chase by blocking out the noise and focusing on what matters most. He provides relevant and honest feedback in a succinct and easy to understand format, has the ability to view the situation from different perspectives and has an international outlook on life. I would use Matt again in the future and highly recommend his services to anyone looking to move to the next level in their and others careers whilst minimizing the 'growing pains'."

Tom Chorman, Board Director, President and Business Owner

"Matt is one of the brightest and most articulate consultants that I have ever come across. I have been extremely pleased with the approach that Matt takes and with the results that he has delivered; on time and on budget. While CEO of a multi-billion dollar corporation, I appreciated Matt's ability to dig in and uncover the true issues, then build implementable recommendations that delivered sustainable results."

Charlie Berardesco, General Counsel and Senior Vice-President - Constellation Energy (promoted after coaching)

"Matt provided great advice and counsel to me as I have looked at my career development. Did excellent survey work with peers, direct reports and management, and used that information to help me focus my efforts. Excellent follow up work as well."

Mark C. Fitzgerald, President & Chief Operating Officer - High Associates Ltd.

"Matt Angello of Bright Tree Consulting Group has played an integral role in developing our company's human capital as we implemented a series of structural changes within the organization over the past year to better meet the needs of our customers. Matt's brings a highly professional yet completely approachable style to the executive coaching relationship. His insights into individual and team dynamics has helped bring the organization to the next level of performance. I have enjoyed working with Matt on my own personnel development and would enthusiastically recommend him to anyone looking for professional coaching."

Kevin Hadlock, CFO - Baltimore Gas and Electric (promoted after coaching)

"I interviewed several executive coaches before I decided to work with Matt Angello of Bright Tree Consulting Group. I selected him because of his highly personalized, hands-on approach, applicable, real-world experience, and candid personality. Before he made any recommendations to me, he (1) identified my "hard-wiring" through personality and motivational assessments, (2) conducted in-depth, 360-degree performance interviews with executive leadership, peers and subordinates, and (3) documented recurring themes raised by contributors. He took the time to listen and to understand my professional AND personal motivations before offering advice or tools for improvement. Together we identified a plan to develop in areas that were limiting my professional growth. He did not attempt to apply cookie-cutter solutions; rather, he created a relevant and customized plan with achievable and measurable goals. During the process, he provided insightful adjustments to my development plan, acted as a sounding board for new ideas and approaches, and conducted ongoing interviews to assess my progress. He was candid in his feedback and honest in his evaluation. I would recommend Matt, without reservation, to any executive looking to overcome professional challenges, improve existing skills or develop in new areas."

Rick Bennett, President - High Steel Service Center LLC (promoted after coaching)

"Matt did an outstanding job of helping me overcome my initial skepticism to understand the potential benefits of the executive coaching process to enhance my professional growth and development. Good chemistry and a high level of trust and confidence between the teacher and student are critical to the success of the process. Matt combines the results of both initial and follow-up 360 degree interviews and several assessments to focus on capitalizing on your strengths and opportunities for improvement to achieve specific development goals that apply to you and your situation. It can be relevant to your current position and future opportunities with higher levels of responsibility and accountability. The guidance and direction Matt provided helped strengthen my strategic orientation and general management perspective on our business. Matt highlighted the need to balance the go-to-market, operational, financial and human capital strategies and tactics in response to changing market conditions. Matt emphasized the importance of having a clearly defined vision for our business and the ability to energize people to support and achieve that vision. Matt's approach and techniques helped me grow as a leader and manager of people. This includes putting talented people in position and holding them accountable to deliver pre-determined and agreed upon results utilizing disciplined performance management. This will ensure my co-workers are able to deliver on my expectations to fulfill our vision. The strongest vote of confidence I can give Matt and the executive coaching process is that I have recommended him to our senior level management team as someone who can help facilitate the effective development of future leaders of our company. This is the most take away value I have ever received from a professional development program."

John K. Farrell, Executive Vice President - York Wallcoverings

"My recent coaching discussions with Matt have evolved into much more than job preparation. Matt has become a trusted advisor and sounding board to me for all issues. He has helped me to focus on the strategies, tactics and approaches that successful executives employ. My time with Matt has helped me to realize that very seldom are the specific issues as important as my approach and reaction to them. He has changed the "story inside my head" regarding the role of an executive. Working with Matt has been like having an advisory board, but better! I have enjoyed discussing projects with Matt and receiving great input from a truly "high performer." But most of all I have enjoyed Matt's perspective as to how managers and leaders handle situations differently. The Bright Tree approach has involved many people within our company and I am sure that we are a stronger company as a result. Meeting with Matt has convinced me to discuss and consider the approach, delivery and perception of my actions. Coaches exist to make the players and team better ... the thought of not having a coach to prepare for the next step is crazy. Matt is a proven coach who wins through the development of people. I look forward to my interactions with Matt and I highly recommend Bright Tree to anyone that has a desire to succeed."

Jack P. Witwer, President and Chief Operating Officer - Kalas Mfg. Inc.

"Matt Angello has proven to be an invaluable coach and mentor in key areas of management systems and tools, succession planning, and organizational dynamics. Matt can deliver results with a high level of energy and enthusiasm that makes each interaction both enjoyable and educational. His knowledge and background provides the necessary mature and proven tools and tactics that our organization requires. Bright Tree Consulting has demonstrated the ability to provide refreshing solutions and insight in developing high level leaders. I look forward to similar success and progress in the future as Matt and I work closely together on new opportunities and challenges."

Mike Lutz, VP and Chief Human Resources Officer - D&M Holdings

"I've worked with several executive coaches over the years, and Matt Angello is the best. Matt has had an outstanding career and knows what it takes to be successful in a corporate environment. In his coaching Matt will raise tough issues without being judgmental. Matt asks great questions and was able to guide me through a discussion that produced actionable insights. His manner is extremely professional and upbeat; Matt sees the possibilities and was able to get me to see the possibilities. I recommend Matt as an executive coach without reservation."

Lisa Coscia, Vice President - The Mentor Network

"My experience with Matt as an executive coach proved to be a high point in my professional career. His expertise as a coach along with his effective interpersonal skills helped me to increase my strengths while learning to deal effectively with my challenges. If you are looking for a highly skilled coach to assist you in taking your career to that next level, I would highly recommend reaching out to Matt. Thank you Matt as I am a better professional and person based on our time together!"

Tony Blair, President - Evangelical Theological Seminary (promoted after coaching)

"My appreciation for the coaching relationship I enjoyed with Matt Angello is tremendous. Not having worked with a professional coach before...and having served solely as a mentor in the few informal "coaching relationships" I have had, I was anticipating an experience far less personal, less enriching, and less profound than what I experienced over the months that Matt and I met. His perceptive grasp of my situation was immediate; his counsel avoided the extremes of passivity and imposition, and his encouragement to me provided a framework of empowerment and freedom. I particularly appreciated his understanding of human resource dynamics and the political components of a managerial role. I recommend Matt and Bright Tree Consulting freely and fully to others, both inside and external to my own organization."

Cary Metz, Senior Vice President and General Counsel - New World Pasta Company

"The compensation work that Matt and Alan did is excellent and sets the stage for the Company moving forward in this area. Moreover, you two have a work and personal ethic that makes you more than consultants, but partners to the Company who want to see us get to the next level. From where I sit, that's a very valued trait."

Gregory Christian, (former) President - Foamex International

"I have worked with Matt Angello of Bright Tree Consulting Group since 2005 and greatly value his insights and contributions to our company. He has been a valuable business partner and coach, and has assisted us with aligning and focusing our human capital for success."

Alvaro Vaselli, Senior Vice President - Foamex International (promoted after coaching)

"Matt and Alan of Bright Tree Consulting Group, steered us through a comprehensive process to engage our business leaders in a redesign of all of our Sales Incentive Plans. The result was the creation of several new plans that appropriately and effectively aligned rewards to hard business outcomes. They created all of the documentation and even helped us in the rollout and communication process. I wholeheartedly recommend their services."

Tom Gilligan, Vice President - Butler Buildings North America (promoted after coaching)

"Matt, I am happy to tell you that the executive coaching experience you have provided has been terrific. Your willingness to speak (and listen) in shorthand, eliminate the unimportant, and cut to the points that matter have made it meaningful. It is also important to point out that benefitting from your executive coaching services required my commitment to being open to the feedback and to make the recommended changes."

Marc Oliviť, CEO and President - W.C. Bradley

"I have worked with Matt Angello on several occasions while running global businesses, and I have found his insights very useful in helping to create a high performance organization. His plain-spoken and pragmatic approach lends itself to effective implementation and measurable results. I have also found his very clear people assessments invaluable."

Don Sites, Vice President of Finance - Tyco Electronics

"Bridging strategic thinking with tactical execution, augmenting teaching with personnel development practices, and being cognizant of how people 'listen you' have been invaluable outputs realized through executive coaching with Matt. His real world experience, keen observation skills, and hands on approach fostered subtle changes in my approach to strategic thinking, team interaction, and presentation styles. Involving Matt's organization in a group project aimed at eliminating non-value added process through a transaction reduction kaizen or 'mini-work-out,' presented improvement opportunities while fostering increased camaraderie within the team."

Justin Powell, Vice President Finance - SteelScape (promoted after coaching)

"Thanks so much for the coaching. I greatly appreciated your insight and perspective while transitioning into an executive leadership role. Your experience enabled appropriate and pointed questions concerning my actions and behaviors. You not only to listened to my answers but truly understood the situations I was going to or had already encountered. And you provided feedback in the form of actions that I could implement---all while holding me accountable to those actions. In the end, the guidance was focused on what would enable long-term success in my career versus solely focusing on short-term results. Thanks again!"

Hazem Mansour, Engineering Director - Butler Manufacturing Company (promoted after coaching)

"Just a short note to thank you for your great help over the last 6 months. As I mentioned to you a month or so ago, my boss told me during my yearly review that " I am the most improved Manager in his group this year "! Just hearing these words from my boss is a testament of your hard work. I will never forget your words, " It is important to change how people listen to you". I believe that with your help, I am able now to get my points across without getting emotional, which has improved my relationship with my boss, peers and reports."

John Kreiter, Principal Engineer - Sechan Electronics Inc. (promoted after coaching)

"Although I went into the coaching process with some reservation, I found Matt's approach intriguing and practical. Matt was able to discern the areas of my management style that needed some modification to transition to the next management level. Matt's insightful suggestions and guidance resulted in both practical and sustainable applications for change. Matt's consistent positive reinforcement of basic operational approach added to the understanding and successful implementation of the needed management adjustments. I would recommend Matt for coaching at any level of management based on his approach to the individual and the method he uses to discern the areas of management improvement within the specific company he is working."

Matt Dills JD, MA, BA, Vice President of Human Resources - First Solar (promoted after coaching)

"Matt- thank you for your partnership in helping me become a better leader - on all levels. Leadership takes many forms and the ability to conceptualize and exploit those levels is a rare skill; let alone to teaching it to others. It is ironic that 95% of those who call themselves leaders never learn or practice the art in a conscious, thoughtful way. I truly believe that modern business suffers from an acute lack of leadership - I am fortunate that First Solar is not one of those companies. I highly recommend your coaching to anyone who has a true desire to become an enlightened leader, who appreciates that it is a lifelong pursuit and is willing to make the personal commitment to the challenge. It is a privilege to lead others, to not invest in your leadership abilities is doing those you lead an injustice. They deserve the best you can give."

John Borkoski, Director of Engineering - Baltimore Gas and Electric (promoted after coaching)

"The coaching Matt Angello provided has been very beneficial for my leadership development. In particular, Matt has helped me demonstrate broader and more sophisticated people development skills. I now look at projects and assignments as a way to provide great growth experiences. This approach has extended my personal capacity and has also provided developmental opportunities for others, even for people who do not directly report to me. Matt has also helped me implement several other changes to my leadership style to become a more effective and poised leader. During the coaching process Matt provided excellent advice and honest feedback. I highly recommend Matt's services for leaders seeking professional coaching."

Scott Smith, Vice President of Human Resources - Kalas Manufacturing (promoted after coaching)

"Matt helped key executives in our organization to gain thorough and well rounded insights to their personal strengths and weaknesses and then develop concrete action plans that he held us accountable to, increasing our effectiveness. He also coached improvement in our skills for effective goal setting, goal management, and execution. Lastly, he brought us tools for rapid process improvement."

Neil Brendmoen, Vice President - The Mentor Network (promoted after coaching)

"As an experienced executive with over 30 years in my field, I must admit I was a bit reluctant to become involved with coaching. From my first session with Matt I started to realize that his approach and experience provided a framework that was worth exploration. His mapping out my personal plan was comprehensive. From the 360 to individual assessment exercises my plan emerged. Matt walked me through the results and it was clear that he had me pegged. He provided the forum to take a hard look at the areas that I needed to address. We decided on strategic goals and behaviors. We had monthly conference calls to review my plan. I have received feedback from my superiors that they appreciate the direction I am taking and encouragement to continue my progress on these. I feel that my time with Matt was greatly beneficial to my development and I plan to engage Matt on a quarterly basis to sharpen my saw. I highly recommend Matt to all that want to further their skills and insights. Not only has he taught me a great deal, I feel I made a good friend."

Kathleen Federico, Senior Vice President of Human Resources - The Mentor Network

"Matt started to consult with me and the rest of our executive team at the MENTOR Network, well over a year ago. He has performed organizational design consulting as well as individual Executive coaching with members of Senior Leadership Team. Matt has continually contributed at a very high level. He is a person of high integrity and has been able to build strong relationships within our organization at all levels. People have made a point to call me and speak about the difference he has made with them in coaching. His expertise, creative solutions and can do attitude are strong factors in his ability to achieve winning results. I highly recommend Matt to any individual or organization."

Que Thanh Dallara, Vice President and General Manager - Tyco Electronics (promoted after coaching)

"I worked with Matt for just over a year and found him very helpful and supportive. Matt has an inquisitive mind and helped me think through several business and organizational challenges in ways that I would not have naturally considered. I would say that Matt's greatest value was pushing my thinking and staying buoyant and positive despite some difficult circumstances. I wholeheartedly recommend Matt to senior executives and organizations seeking to drive change management in their business."

Doug Planeta, Chief Investment Officer - Sageworth

"Thank you very much for your patience and persistence with me over the past 6 months. I feel I was lead on a journey of discovery about myself and it enabled me to make adjustments and improvements without having to try to change who I am at the core. The results speak for themself as I have heard a lot of positive things from people who did not even know I was engaging in this exercise. I continue to think about what I have learned and apply it on a daily basis. This is best testament to your work - the sustainability and permanence of the improvements."

Rob McKay, Senior Vice President and General Counsel - EquiPower

"I've worked with Matt for almost 18 months now and I have found his advice, insight and suggestions incredibly valuable. He not only performs a comprehensive personality analysis, he conducts a comprehensive 360 degree interview process seeking input from key clients and stakeholders in your career. What I found particularly helpful is his ability to anticipate challenges given the turbulent economy and his prescience in preparing strategies to deal with new and evolving opportunities, all while being consistent with the highest levels of integrity and achieving the best results. His upbeat attitude and persistence were extremely helpful and encouraging. I would strongly recommend him to anyone looking to accelerate their growth, creativity and performance."

Stefan Rustler, Vice President, Global Channel Operations - TE Connectivity

"I worked with Matt the whole of last year. During this time he coached me to become a stronger leader and to strengthen my executive maturity. I very much liked Matt's analytical and result oriented coaching approach. In many phone calls and personal meetings, Matt kept me focused on a few development areas and always gave me very constructive feedback which motivated me to make a real positive change in my personal development. Therefore I highly recommend Matt to anyone who has the desire to make the next career step."

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